27 Nov

Hair by Carla- My vision

Your visit starts by driving or walking into a private area, offering you free parking next to the salon.

Hair by Carla, was set with a dream, creating beautiful hair, offering a 1-2-1 relaxing professional service and a friendly, cozy experience. As part of my personality and my Portuguese culture I want you to feel like you are walking into a friends house, a place where you feel at home, relaxed and where you can be yourself.

“ A minha casa, é tua casa, sente-te há vontade” “ My home it’s your home, make yourself comfortable” 

Your visit starts, with a consultation and I mean always, no matter how many years or visits your have been, I always have a consultation, this is to revaluate your previous service and also what we can add or change in you hair.

I listen but I am also very honest at giving you my professional advice, as my aim, it’s to help you to achieve, maintain and recreate the desired hair look in the salon but specially at home. I nourish, repair and build either protein or moisture into your hair, because this is part of your hair journey and preparation to any service, including your own home aftercare.

I am passionate and well educated in my profession l, I talk many times about the structure and science of the hair/skin and reasons why I recommend and advise you on what to use, I’m a professional and I care for what I do and for my actions and also impact on our own life and the fife of our beautiful planet,  to me you are my muse, my model and it’s very important to know that you manage, repair, love but most of all that you see results of my dedication, care and love on your hair.

My choice of products and approach, it’s organic, natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly, free from harsh chemicals, because I believe, in the power of nature and in it’s amazing healing repair. Science has evolved and we all know that now, we are all trying to go back and use a more holistic and natural way of living and a more healthy lifestyle. I believe in sustainability, nature and a better and greener way of making you all look and feel fantastic.

Your body is a temple and Iam devoted to treat it with respect and love.

I am truly grateful and honoured to be your choosen hairdresser, and it means a lot to me, your truly trust, believe and your repeated return to my little dream, my gorgeous little salon. 

It’s a long post, but it’s a post from the heart, because you all to me, are part of my life and I’m honestly a very lucky person. Thank you, and I’m sorry for the long post, you all know how much I love to talk

Carla XoXo

All made with Love and ;Kindness

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