07 Jul

Aftercare... Do you care?

One of the most important parts of Hairdressing is the hair maintenance at home. Regardless of what a hairdresser does in the salon, a client should be informed and provided with aftercare to help them preserve the integrity of the hair. Understanding how to protect, prepare and manage their hair condition and style at home, until their next visit. It’s part of the service and consultation to offer clients the best of the best! As I always say and tell my gorgeous clients; They are my Top Models walking down the catwalk (street), showing my design or as I say my sculptures. I pride myself in my work and my clients won’t leave their chair without me feeling 100% happy with their look. In my personal experience I give my clients prescription cards and write down what I recommend for their aftercare at home.

In my salon I only use Organic Colour Systems. My hair colour, care and styling range, its ammonia free, vegan friendly, free from plastic and silicones using ethical green science, promoting a kind and healthy way of hairdressing, wellbeing for my client’s skin/hair also for my health and respecting our planet. It’s a win-win.

This takes me back to the beginning of aftercare...Why a client shouldn’t be given the opportunity to look after their skin/hair in the same way that we hairdressers look after their hair when they visit your salon?

I believe if a client comes to your salon, looking for your expert advice and service, they are committed to invest the money on a professional service, it’s important to follow up the aftercare at home using the hairdresser’s advice in the recommend aftercare. One of the main thoughts of a client when it comes to aftercare it’s the word “expensive” but is it really? Do they know what they are using on their hair/skin? We recommend because we have and still do spend years training, learning about the latest technology in skin products. Supermarket brands seem appealing because it’s “cheaper” yes, it is called failed research, most companies/brands invest money in science and this costs years of research of scientists working in labs. When a formula is developed it has to go through a quality check control process, meaning that needs to pass tests 100% so that manufactures can promise and be responsible for what they claim in their packaging. When testing a formula fails (let’s say in keeping elasticity in the hair), this no longer can be sold as professional. However, years of research, scientists and labs still need to be financially covered, that’s when this formula is diluted with silicone’s (cheap synthetic fibres) and turned into supermarket retail product.

I always say read the label and big words. Go on google and see what that word means in “our language” and how good is it for your health?

I am not here to give you and our fabulous clients a lecture, I am here to educate, help, support and give us all the best of our industry;


Hair, because our clients are our models and we pride ourselves in watching them pout in front of the mirror with satisfaction, making them feel sexy and confident.

Be amazing, be unique and help your clients feel the passion that you feel about their hair.

All made with love Carla, xoxo


 SME National Green Award Finalist 2018

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