20 May

Hello lovelies, 

I hope you are all well and been able to relax a bit and enjoy the amazing weather we have had recently. I have been enjoying my days and as you all know I do try to make the most of my time,  its not always perfect but that’s life at the moment. Kitty cats have been very spoilt having their mom around all the time. Animals are great healers and they take stress away, I do really find animals highly spiritual and with great capacity of knowing how to use their energy.

I am very excited to go back eventually to the salon. I have been doing some diy and improvements to make the salon even a better place to be in. I have also gained good reputation nationally and have become a Eco certified salon and this is for me part of who I am am and what I believe, a kinder way of hairdressing, better for our health, no impact in our beautiful planet and cruelty free.

As you all know I am currently taking names to add to my appointment list and I have also had a few calls, messages and emails from some of you in the last 2 weeks who have seen the news and updates for our industry so I wanted to update you all and what tell you what I feel is best for all of you at this time. The current target date for salons, is to open earliest from Saturday 4th July, this is not yet definite and the current government guidance is stating around this date. I am hoping that this date wont be moved to a later date, however no one knows at this time, mean while with this in mind I will review the salon booking system on the first week of June, by this week we would have a three week update from the government regarding how are the rates of cases of infection are and what the next plan is.Once we have this update I can then look to plan the diary from the 4th July if that date is still the set date, if not I will look at the date proposed by the government and make plans. I will keep you all updated and i will be making announcements on social media and here on the website.

The first Sunday of my opening will be to offer haircuts to NHS Frontline, however do not worry I will make sure that I’m able to book you all in for your hair treatments as I will be mostly like working various hours and will be open as well on Sundays, until i can see you all.

I will update you all in further detail when I know more, but for now if you have any hair care questions or need help with aftercare please do not hesitate in contacting me, I am happy to do web consultations. 

Keep positive and smile and wont be long until we can see each other again.

All made with Love&Kindness

Carla, xoxo

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