06 Mar

Are you ready to ditch your long locks to embrace the New haircut Bob trend?

Yes ladies you read it right! The bob is back, and the celebrities, are already rocking the trend. 

A sorter haircut can also take years out of you, giving you a lighter youthful look, making you feel classy, chic and a tad sassy.

The bob, can be classic, graduated, square, asymmetric, layered, shaggy, with bangs and whatever works for you, also face shape its also the key to rocking the look.

I always start my appointments with a consultation, this give us both, myself and my client the opportunity to discuss the current look and maintenance and also the opportunity to jazz things up, this might be by changing the parting, or by styling the hair in a different way, by adding a fringe, layers or to enhance the haircut by adding colour and highlighting the face, or by giving texture on the roots on fine hair, these are a few of many options that I offer my lovely clients.

Now lets talk about those celebrities, their face shape and how they look now:

J-Lo has ditched a long hair look, and got her hair cut into a perfect square bob, parted in the middle, accentuating her perfect jaw line and her almond or called oval shape face. This haircut, looks amazing straight or wavy on her and ladies if J-Lo did it, I'm sure you can do it to!

Nicole Scherzinger bob, its also amazing on her, it has taken years out of her, making her look much younger and fun. She kept her look soft by keeping waves and putting a parting on the side, this can soften the longer face features and give texture and volume to the roots. She also has rocked the look by wearing her hair straight and this can also look strong, sharp and makes for sure a statement.

Beyonc√©, believe it or not, has had the chop herself, and her oblong face can take either a straight bob with  a fringe or a square wavy look, she looks amazing and very sassy for sure.

If those celebrities haven't inspired you yet, go and have a look at my IG @h_b_c.organic.salon and check out my clients bobs, we have been in trend for a while now, and I hope you can be too, because I have had my haircut also into a square bob, with some bangs at the front and you ladies have noticed and have had lovely compliments! 

Life its to short to have boring hair, and the only thing you can change all the time its your hair, it always grows back!

Ciao for now bellas.

Carla xoxo

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