06 Jan


First of all let me apologise for not being very active on my blog, life haven’t been as “normal” in the last few months as we all know. Since April 2020, I have been busy by taking time to analyse my business and developing other projects that I had left behind. I did use also part of that time to update my skills by taking courses on-line, I enjoyed a bit of the sun as that time was also a easy holiday, great weather, no packing luggage, no stress at the airport, no stuck in traffic driving to the beach...none of that!

The sun was out, bikini was on, the cats were in the garden and the sun was warm on my skin...a holiday not doing anything and with no time limits as we all were staying at home...this also meant that I got to do a bit more of my yoga practice, I cant complain on that instance. During that time I also kept my self busy by doing, shopping and other tasks to help people that were shielding. I am a volunteer responder (Good Samaritans) for the NHS and this has kept me busy, helping in the community. At the moment we are also helping with the vaccination programme trying to support local surgeries and pop up centres in this long fight against this virus. 

Now lets talk about the BIG R, I mean the 4th of July 2020. We had 3 weeks notice to prepare the salon for the reopening and that went very fast indeed. I live with OCD (obsession-control-disorder) meaning that I had resourced all the necessary PPE a few months back, therefore I had no problem with shortages or out of stock and was ready to open my salon safely. Was hard to get the diary rearranged as I had a long list of guests that had missed their appointments back in March and being fully booked for the following 3 months, this had become a bit manic. Emails were sent and also videos explaining the “new way” of guests visiting the salon. I did take the decision of working just on a 1-2-1, cutting down my work by 50%, this also had an impact on my assistant Tracy, she is a freelance. We agreed at the time that dues the circumstances was best for her to stay foot until things were better, my aim was and still is to protect myself and all my guests by reducing the amount of people in the salon, this means you have me all, just for yourselves! July and August were just soo busy, working on my own and trying to catch up with all the work was just a lot for 1 person to do. I did open my diary 7 days a week from 8 am till 8pm, 9pm and 10pm to catch up with my work but also to get some pennies in the bank, as things have been a bit more challenging financially. I was buzzing and excited to see all of my beloved guests and to be again inside of my beautiful salon, doing what I love most, HAIRDRESSING and making people to feel and look absolutely FABULOUS.   Its been very nice to be able to go back, even though that we have to wear masks, a face shield and so do our guests, there’s still the magic and the relaxing experience, the professionalism and the good service being delivered. We miss not being able to offer our guests a drink with a nibble, a magazine and also the warm hug that we all used to greet each other. 

The smiles are still there because the eyes do smile, the kindness, the love and the gratitude its still among us and will remain until the day that we will be able to demonstrate it physically once again. I do miss the physical contact, there’s nothing like the feeling of another being holding you and wrap you around their arms, giving you the warmth of their body and the sensation of security, caring and unconditional love. This will come back again one day soon...mean while I will carry on giving you my unconditional love, by stroking your hair, gently massage your head and at the end when you look in the mirror I will make you feel good and fabulous, just back to yourself. Keep safe, smile and remain positive, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m always here for you.

Speak soon,

Carla xoxo

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