Organii Nappy Cream - 100ml - Sensitive Skin

Organii Nappy Cream helps to relieve redness and soreness on baby's bottom. The organic nappy cream leaves a protective film on the skin which acts as a barrier protecting sensitive skin against wetness caused by soiled nappies. Organii have carefully crafted a combination of healing, soothing, calming and moisturising natural and organic ingredients which has been added to the nappy cream to help reduce tenderness and keep baby's skin soft, protected and comfortable.

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Yes Protects against soreness and redness
Yes Soothes and calms rashes 
Yes Skin barrier protection
Yes Keeps natural oils in skin
Yes Soft skin
Yes Smooth skin
Yes Moisturising
Yes Hydrating
Yes Fragrance Free
Yes For delicate and sensitive skin

How to use Organii Nappy Cream
During each nappy change apply a thin layer of the nappy cream and gently massage into skin.