Organii Foam Bath and Shampoo - 250ml - For Sensitive Skin

Children love a foam bath and the best way to keep your baby and child's skin and hair perfectly cleansed and fresh is with Organii Foam Bath and Shampoo which has been specially formulated for the delicate sensitive skin of babies and children and adults too. The soft and gentle certified natural formula includes mild cleansing ingredients along with moisturising and soothing organic calendula, organic mallow and organic cornflower. Organii Foam Bath and Shampoo leaves the skin feeling soft, protected and cleansed.

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Yes Soothing
Yes Moistusing
Yes Mild Cleansing Ingredients
Yes For Sensitive skin
Yes For babies, children and adults
Yes Foaming Bath
Yes Subtle fragrance
Yes Soft Skin

How to use Organii Foam Bath and Shampoo
Shake before use. Pump two or more times of the foam bath into the bath water and swish the water around. To use as a hair shampoo, pump into the palm of your hand and massage into hair. Rinse thoroughly.