Organic Colour Systems Keep Curl Memory Gel is a unique new styling gel that creates dynamic curl memory and extra bounce to your curls. For use on naturally curly or permed hair. Certified Organic Ingredients / Vegan / Cruelty Free / Gluten Free* / Sodium Chloride Free / Sulphate Free / 100% Natural Fragrance *This product contains hydrolysed wheat protein, the hydrolysation process renders the protein gluten free making it suitable for those with gluten intolerances

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Apply a small amount onto your hand and scrunch in your hair, its best when hair is damp and doesn't leave the har feeling crunchy.

Tip- you can mix a bit of Aqua Boost leave in for a softer product and a mix of protein and moisture.

Keep Curl is especially formulated for clients with naturally curly or permed hair making it the perfect partner when used in conjunction with our Think Curl range.Suitable for both naturally curly and permed hair, our specially formulated range of Keep Curl care and styling products, have been developed using a carefully blended mix of natural ‘curl friendly’ ingredients, to give you your most bouncy, glossy and moisturised curls ever.