Cleanse. Detoxify. Refresh. This is a fantastic shampoo to clarify your hair recommended to swimmers, oily scalps, product build up and hair that gets dirtier either form working outdoors or outdoor exercise. Welcome to our brand new Organic Colour Systems Charcoal Shampoo! Containing Activated Charcoal, known for its detoxifying and impurity absorbing properties, and natural extracts of Fruit Vinegar for optimum condition, our new Charcoal Shampoo is going to be the new in-salon favourite! On our mission to always deliver the most natural and organic hair products on the market, we are delighted to say that our new Charcoal Shampoo contains 6 certified organic ingredients, 15 naturally derived ingredients and a natural aromatic.

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This shampoo its recommended to be used 1-2 week to cleanse your hair in between your normal recommended shampoo. use a 10ml size, emulsify the shampoo in-between your hand till the shampoo turns grey (shampoo is black) this is to activate the charcoal in the shampoo. Rinse and use your recommended daily shampoo ( if recommend by your stylist) or your conditioner for 5 minutes.